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2014 Camino Tours

Spanish Steps  
Camino de Santiago Tours 
 July 6 – 11  //  Sept 7 – 12   // Oct 5 – 10  
(Limited Space Available)  

Experience the magic and beauty of Europe's most famous trail: 
El Camino de Santiago.
Join Spanish Steps in the ancient Roman city of Lugo, in Northern Spain. A short drive will bring us to the trailhead of the Camino de Santiago near Sarria where we join pilgrims from all over the world as they make their way to the Santiago following the well-marked trails of this region. We walk the classic stages of the route on this 6 day pilgrimage, following the most beautiful footpaths of Galicia, while exploring tiny farming villages where time has stood still. By covering the final 113 kilometers (70 miles) of the Camino, you’re eligible receive the Compostela, the official certificate of completion issued by the Cathedral in Santiago.
With Spanish Steps we have the privilege of a fully equipped support van so let us carry your bags and take care of all the details. All hotels, breakfast, dinners with wine are included in the tour price. Healthy snacks are available by your guides at frequent check points and rest stops along the way. Daily maps and historical information will be provided each day.
Spanish Steps encourages everyone to walk at their own pace, allowing you to enjoy the freedom and beauty of this epic journey.
Private tailor-made trips are available upon request.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

2013 Spanish Steps Tours and Dates.

2013  Spanish Steps Tours and Retreats 

The Via Francigena - Tuscany to Roma - Italy - 14 days 
April 15-28  // September 22-October 5 //  October 8-21

Camino Long Walk  -  Spain -  14 days
Roncesvalles to  Santiago de Compostela
May 6-May 19 //  June  15-28  //    September 3-16 

Complete Camino  -  Spain - 35 days
Roncesvalles to   Santiago de Compostela
October 1- November 4

The Camino  - 100 Kilometer Trek -Spain - 6 days 
May 18-23 //May 24-29  // June 1-6 //June 16-21 // June 23-28 // Sep 1-6  
Sep 8-13 // Sep 15-20 // Sep 22-27  // Oct 9-14 // Oct 16-21  //  Oct 24-29

Camino Primitivo -  Spain - 12 days
Oviedo (Asturias)  to Lugo (Galicia)
July 4-15 12 days

Chemin de Saint Jacques - Part III - France - 14 days
Condom to Roncesvalles 
April 20-May 3 (sold out

YOGA   in   Asturias -Spain  - 8 days
Northern Spain - Yoga ~ Hiking
The Quirós Valley  - Asturias  -  Fuentes de Lucía
June 8-15 // June 29-July 6  // July 27-Aug 3 // Aug 3-Aug 10 //  Aug 10-17 
Aug 17-24   //  Aug 24-31 // Sep 7-14 // Sep 14-21 // Sep 21-28

Art in Asturias - 8 days
Pastel and Painting Workshops with Mary Padgett
The Quirós Valley  - Asturias  -  Fuentes de Lucía
June 22-29

The Camino Your Way! 
You pick the date and let us take care of the details.

Family Holidays in Asturias 
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

France - Le Chemin de Saint Jacques 2011

Le Chemin de Saint Jacques~Part 1
Le Puy en Velay to Figeac

April 24-May 7, 2011

250 kilometers of beautifully marked footpaths through a rural part of south-central France.
On this 14-day walking holiday, starting in Le Puy en Velay at the headwaters of the Loire, we follow an ancient Roman Road and the Way of St. James (the GR 65) to the town of Figeac on the Cele River. En route, we spend the night in Conques, a pilgrimage site, where stands a magnificent Romanesque abbey and the relics of Saint Foy, a Christian martyr and patron saint of prisoners. This site once attracted thousands of pilgrims on their journey to Santiago de Compostela, located 1400 kilometers away in the northwest corner of the Iberian peninsula.
Toll Free USA: 1 877 787 WALK (925)
Spain: +34 617 08 15 70
SKYPE: Spanish Steps

Sunday, February 14, 2010

YOGA & Hiking in SPAIN

Grab hiking boots, your yoga mat and a good novel and join us on this unique journey in the mountains of Asturias, in Northern Spain!
Each day will begin with a yoga class, followed by hearty breakfast prepared by your hosts Juan Carlos and Judy. Pack your small daypack and away we go! We will follow local hiking trails along established footpaths, ancient trade routes, through narrow canyons, and into the lake district of Somiedo National Park. Plan to hike approximately 10 to 15 kilometers per day.
* Yoga classes will be offered every morning before breakfast and in the evenings after our hike.

Aug 6-13, 2011, with instructor Jessie Chapman 
Sept 3-10, 2011, with instructor Jessie Chapman 
Sept 10-17, with instructor Jessie Chapman
Oct 8-15, 2011, with instructor Jessie Chapman

Our basecamp for this 8-day journey is Fuentes de Lucia.
For additional information, I can be reached at:
Visit our website at
Tel:  (34) 617 08 15 70

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Patagonia bound - Adventures in Argentina 2011

Spanish Steps is venturing south into the Andes of Patagonia ~ Argentina.
On this 10-day journey, we’ll be based near the lovely resort town of San Carlos de Bariloche settled in the early 1900s by European pioneers, and made famous for its wool production and mouth watering chocolates. We’ll embark on daily hiking trips into the surrounding mountains that share the frontier with Chile; follow trails along the shores of pristine lakes and rivers; ride horses with gauchos on an authentic estancia; watch the giant condors soaring overhead....

2011 Trip dates:  Jan 9-18, Feb 6-15, Feb 20-Mar 1
Tel USA: 1 877 787 WALK (9255)
Tel Spain: 00 34 617 08 15 70
Facebook: Spanish Steps

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Pilgrim Office in Santiago needs help... 2010 ~ VOLUNTEER


In this upcoming Holy Year we will need all the help that we can get to attend and assist pilgrims, particularly in the summer months, June, July, August and September. And we will accept all those volunteers that wish to contribute in providing a humane and Christian welcome to the expected pilgrims. You may give our e-mail to those interested so that they can tell us when, and for how long, they will be available to help us. We are very sorry that we do not have the means to pay for their accommodation, but we could pay for their meals if D. Jenaro can manage it."If you are able to volunteer you can send an e-mail to Eduardo Perez at .

Tell him your country of origin, the language, or languages, that you speak, and any particular abilities that may be of significant help to the pilgrims that will be arriving in Santiago next year.It goes without saying that a knowledge of Spanish would be of much value. You can, of course, write in English if you wish. There are several people in the Pilgrims' office who know the language quite well. Don Jenaro is a priest who is in charge of the Pilgrims' office; he was a teacher at the Pontifical University in Rome until he reached retirement age. He possesses immense erudition and infinite humility and kindness, and has a way of making things happen and I'm sure that he will take wonderful care of the volunteers.