Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Spanish Steps YOGA RETREATS 2016




May 14-21 Cyndi Bulka  (sold out) 
May 28-June 4  Connie Ramsey   € TBA
June 11-16   Betsy Jones  € TBA
July 2-9  Claudia Stienhauser  1000 €
Sept 10-17 Dorothy Price   1450 €

Asturias, Spain's best kept secret and home to Hotel Fuentes de Lucía, your perfect mountain retreat. Our dynamic retreats, which combine yoga and hiking, will include twice daily yoga classes with certified instructors from around the globe and local hiking guides who all share their passion with us here in our oasis of serenity and calm. Surrounded by dramatic peaks, deep gorges and crystal clear rivers, there is nowhere better to breathe in the pure mountain air and stretch your limbs than at our restored farmhouse and  yoga studio.
Begin the day with an early morning yoga practice followed by a healthy breakfast in the main dining room, formerly a mill, before the day's hiking adventure unfolds. We walk beautiful mountain trails, averaging approximately 15 kilometers per day (or 9 miles), accompanied by friendly and knowledgeable guides who will fill our days with a soulful blend of scenic hiking, historical insights, traditional experiences and wonderful food.  Savor local Asturian cuisine, sample aromatic cheeses and sip the traditional beverage, Sidra Asturianu, a cider made from locally grown apples. Trek through scenic gorges and alongside babbling brooks; dine in local taverns; explore 10th-century churches and relax under Spain's oldest yew tree, El Tiexo, planted more than 1000 years ago in a sacred meadow.
In the late afternoon we journey deep into yoga's restorative practice to rejuvenate our trekking legs before enjoying lovely home-cooked dinners prepared by the owners of Fuentes de Lucia. No matter what your level of fitness and yoga experience you are welcome on this active holiday.
PRIVATE tailor made trips are available upon request.  Please ask us for details.
Contact us: spanishsteps2010@gmail.com                                                                                                     
Call us in the USA at  1 970 923 6859    
In Spain:  +34 617 08 15 70 

Spanish Steps Camino Tours 
Yoga Retreats 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

2016 Camino de Santiago / Spanish Steps Tours

El Camino de Santiago 2016 
April 1-May 5 
October 1-November 4 

Spanish Steps of Aspen, Colorado is offering two "Complete Camino" trips in 2016.  The first one will begin from the border of France in Roncesvalles on April 1 and end at the main plaza in Santiago on May 4.  That's 35-days of hiking the entire Camino,  every inch of the way with your very own two feet.  

The second date for the Complete Camino trip is in October.  This is a wonderful time to be out on the trail as the weather is cooler and the crowds have gone home.   Our autumn trip begins on October 1 and finishes up in Santiago on November 4th. 

Visit the Spanish Steps website by clicking on 

Write us directly at:  spanishsteps2010@gmail.com 

Toll Free USA:  1 877 787 9255(walk) 
Spain:  + 34 617 08 15 70 


Monday, April 6, 2015

Camino de Santiago: Spanish Steps in FRANCELe Chemin de Saint Jacques...

Camino de Santiago:
Spanish Steps in FRANCELe Chemin de Saint Jacques...
: Spanish Steps in  FRANCE Le Chemin de Saint Jacques May 28-June 10, 2016 Here at Spanish Steps we're already gearing up fo...

Spanish Steps in 
Le Chemin de Saint Jacques
May 28-June 10, 2016

Here at Spanish Steps we're already gearing up for our 22nd season of leading Camino de Santiago tours.  Naturally, we are very excited to be sharing with you our walk along the Camino in France, Le Chemin de Saint Jacques or commonly known to the locals as the GR-65, one of nearly 70 long-distance marked footpaths you will throughout the country.  Join us in 2016 on the Chemin de Saint Jacques in southern France as we follow wonderfully marked trails though enchanted forests, quintessential French villages, and mediaeval towns.   

You can find more information, including a reading list and videos of the region. 

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Camino Tours

Spanish Steps  
Camino de Santiago Tours 
 July 6 – 11  //  Sept 7 – 12   // Oct 5 – 10  
(Limited Space Available)  

Experience the magic and beauty of Europe's most famous trail: 
El Camino de Santiago.
Join Spanish Steps in the ancient Roman city of Lugo, in Northern Spain. A short drive will bring us to the trailhead of the Camino de Santiago near Sarria where we join pilgrims from all over the world as they make their way to the Santiago following the well-marked trails of this region. We walk the classic stages of the route on this 6 day pilgrimage, following the most beautiful footpaths of Galicia, while exploring tiny farming villages where time has stood still. By covering the final 113 kilometers (70 miles) of the Camino, you’re eligible receive the Compostela, the official certificate of completion issued by the Cathedral in Santiago.
With Spanish Steps we have the privilege of a fully equipped support van so let us carry your bags and take care of all the details. All hotels, breakfast, dinners with wine are included in the tour price. Healthy snacks are available by your guides at frequent check points and rest stops along the way. Daily maps and historical information will be provided each day.
Spanish Steps encourages everyone to walk at their own pace, allowing you to enjoy the freedom and beauty of this epic journey.
Private tailor-made trips are available upon request.
Try writing us directly at spanishsteps2006@yahoo.co
Website:  http://www.spanishsteps.com 


Thursday, November 11, 2010

2013 Spanish Steps Tours and Dates.

2016  Spanish Steps Tours and Retreats 

The Via Francigena - Tuscany to Roma - Italy - 14 days 
April 15-28  // September 22-October 5 //  October 8-21

Complete Camino  -  Spain - 35 days
Roncesvalles to   Santiago de Compostela
April 1-May 5 
October 1- November 4

The Camino Way100  -Spain - 8 days 
May 12-19 (new) // May 16-23 (new)  // June 18-25 (limited)  // July 2-9  
Sep 4-11  // Sep 8-13 // Sep 22-29 (full)  // Oct 2-9   // Oct 12-19 

Chemin de Saint Jacques - Part III - France - 14 days
Condom to Roncesvalles 
April 20-May 3 (sold out

YOGA   in   Asturias -Spain  - 8 days
Northern Spain - Yoga ~ Hiking
The Quirós Valley  - Asturias  -  Fuentes de Lucía
June 8-15 // June 29-July 6  // July 27-Aug 3 // Aug 3-Aug 10 //  Aug 10-17 
Aug 17-24   //  Aug 24-31 // Sep 7-14 // Sep 14-21 // Sep 21-28

Art in Asturias - 8 days
Pastel and Painting Workshops with Mary Padgett
The Quirós Valley  - Asturias  -  Fuentes de Lucía
June 22-29

The Camino Your Way! 
You pick the date and let us take care of the details.


Family Holidays in Asturias 
Check for availability  - http://www.fuentesdelucia.es/ 

Email:  spanishsteps2010@gmail.com